How to Use Nail Polish as a Wart Treatment

By 15 January 2018

There are many ways to remove warts. You can have them surgically removed for example. Or you can use natural treatments like Tea Tree Oil or chemical based methods containing Salicylic Acid. And then lastly there certainly are the home remedies like duct tape.

Treating warts with nail polish is also in this category of home remedies. Surprisingly it works very well to get rid of verrucae yet it does unfortunately not work all the time.

If you try it and it does not produce the results you expect then it’s best to switch to one of the best OTC wart remedies available to reliably remove verrucae.

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  • How to Apply Nail Polish to Remove Warts
  • What kind of Nail Polish to Use?
  • Why does Nail Polish Work to Get Rid of Warts?
  • How to Speed up the Process
  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • Conclusion

As with all home remedies, there is no scientific proof that it really works. But there is enough evidence of nail varnish working to kill them. You can find many reports online that outline the success stories from patients having used this remedy.

How to Apply Nail Polish to Remove Warts

The application of nail polish to treat warts is straightforward. It will take a few weeks or even months to remove warts with this method. Other remedies that are based on Salicylic Acid, like Wartrol, can typically heal your warts faster.


  • Wash the verruca with water and soap Dry the wart off completely Apply the nail polish directly on the wart.
  • Make sure to completely cover the wart and a little of the surrounding area.
  • Let the nail varnish dry and then apply another layer. Do this until you have several (around 5) layers covering the wart.
  • Apply a band aid to cover the treated area to ensure that the nail polish stays securely on the wart and doesn’t fall off during the day.

Repeat this application daily until the verruca vanishes. The process will take a while to kill the wart. You might at regular intervals remove the nail polish and file the remaining wart down with a pumice stone or an emery board.

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