Tricks in Makeup That Will Change Your Life

By 20 January 2017

3. Sponge + oil

           If you have dry skin , then applying tonal funds can be a problem. To forget about it , do not use a brush , a sponge buy. Before using wet it is not water , and blot with a special oil for the face. However , for this purpose come and coconut. “Oil” sponge will help you tone perfectly applied even on dry and peeling skin.

4. Pumps concealer on the wings of the nose and nose


              When you maskiruesh bruises under the eyes with the help of corrector , do not forget about the other two problem areas  – there , where the end of the nose wings , and nose closer to the corners of the eyes. The skin in these areas are often different in color , but a small layfkah will allow you to quietly make your make-up a little better. By the way , all of the professional make-up artists are doing.

5. Hairspray instead eyebrow wax

             To look perfect eyebrows and combed , it is not necessary to buy a special gel or wax. Just Establishments brush , which you’ll be combing the hair. Sprinkle it with hairspray and quickly swipe the eyebrows , is a means of not dried up.

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