Is Step Aerobics a Good Workout?

By 8 October 2016

Step aerobics was first introduced in the 1980s at the height of the aerobics craze that swept the globe. But despite starting out as a trend, step aerobics’ effectiveness in terms of burning fat and keeping the body toned made it one of the most popular low-impact, complete body workout. To this day, step aerobics is still utilized in most health clubs and gyms.

If a super-strong cardiovascular health is what you want, then step bench workouts are what you should be looking at. These workouts are considered one of the most versatile workout tools, especially for those who love to practice cardiovascular exercises.


Tone and Engage All Major Muscle Groups
If you hate bulking up and you’re looking for an exercise routine that will give you a shapelier silhouette, then you’ll love step aerobics’ muscle-toning benefits. A step aerobics routine helps build physical endurance and boost metabolism, it also targets all major muscle groups including the quads, glutes, calves, back, arms, and core. This routine is perfect for those who want to sculpt their butt and thighs.

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