Six bad habits that affect your metabolism

By 21 October 2016
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You’re Lacking Protein

Where’s the meat? If you want to get lean, meat should make up a good portion of your diet plan. If you’re vegetarian, find alternative lean sources of protein rich foods.
Without a doubt, one of the most positive things you can do to boost your metabolic fire is to add more protein to your diet. Not only does this help you calm hunger , but it’ll also boost how many calories your body burns simply digesting that food.

You drink diet soda

Diet soda is packed with artificial sugar and all possible chemicals that slow down your metabolism. If you are a big fan of regular soda, it’s even worse.Soda is a processed drink that contain pure sugar and harmful chemicals. This drink can reduce your energy levels, cause bloating and many other health problems. Also, avoid drinking commercially available juices since they are high in sugar and calories.

You Diet For Too Long

Dieting too much can lead to deprivation and a state of starvation. This then causes your body’s metabolic rate starts to slow down. Instead of burning off fat, your body begins to hold on to fat since it thinks you are starving and turns to your muscle tissue as a source of energy.



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