Nine Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

By 23 December 2016




Apply a dot of highlighter in the corner of your eyes.

The shadows in the corners of your eyes (right by the bridge of your nose) are the most visible. Apply a small dot of highlighter to help counteract these deep shadows. It will help reflect light and make your eyes appear wider and brighter.

Apply nude eyeliner in your waterline.

Nude or white liner is one of the best ways to combat red, bloodshot eyes, especially if you apply it directly to your waterline. The neutral color will help the whites of your eyes appear even whiter and diminish any redness.
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Curl your eyelashes.

Flat lashes will make your eyes look smaller, and, in contrast, curled lashes will make them appear larger. So, before you even reach for the mascara, make sure you’ve used an eyelash curler first.

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