How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Face Even the One Between Your Eyes

By 16 January 2018

Wrinkles are scars of life good or bad they are evidence of the years we lived .We can  soften  the appearance  with some natural remedies:

1. Facial Aerobics

–  increase blood flow to the skin

-reduce lines formed by repetitive facial movements

-do this 3 exercise  for 15 minutes:
Exercise 1:

  • Stretch your mouth out in a closed smiling position
  • hold the pose for 2 seconds

Exercise 2:

  • make a prominent kissing face (mouth is nearly touching your nose)
  • hold for 2 seconds.

Exercise 3:

  • Pull your lips forward and downward holding for 2 seconds
  • repeat  cycle 20 times
  • it targets deep lines around the mouth.

2. Massage
– circulation motion  keep proper circulation

-all you need to do is to massage your face in slow circular motions

-massage your most troubled areas like your neck.

3. Ice
-rub a small ice cube around your face 15-20 seconds

-this will rejuvenate stagnant skin.

4. Aloe Vera
– to  moisturize skin

– apply the gel

-let it soothe the skin for 10-15 minutes

5. Banana
– mix :

  • one mashed banana
  • one teaspoon of orange juice
  • one teaspoon of plain yogurt


-let it sit for 20 minutes


6. Egg Whites
-Apply the egg whites to the wrinkled areas

-Wait until it dries


-Use a moisturizer as overexposure can lead to dry skin.

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