Four Moves to Strengthen Your Knees

By 23 August 2017

One mistake, the people with sore knees make him to avoid exercise. Performing exercises, especially strength training, helps to strengthen your knees. Here are some exercises you can do to keep your knees strong.


1. Pole walking

Walking is a great form of cardio exercise which can reduce knee pain by building your muscles so that they can reduce the pressure on your joints. To avoid pain during walking, you can try using poles for support. Do this exercise for about 45 minutes 4 times every week.

2. Foam rolling

This is a great way to work out your muscles. Most people focus on their backs and hips when doing this exercise and overlook the shins. Even if you don’t feel pain in your shins, they might contribute to your knee pain.

Put a roller around the base of your ankles and position yourself like you’re going to do a push up. Turn your toe inwards, towards your body’s mid line to expose your shin muscles.

Firmly press your shins down on the foam roller and raise it gradually to your knee. Do this for 1 minute for each leg.

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