Five yoga poses for weight loss

By 10 October 2016


Boat Pose:
An ab and deep hip flexor strengthener, Paripurna Navasana requires you to balance on the tripod of your sitting bones and tailbone.


Mountain Yoga Pose – Parvattasana

  • Sit in Padmasana Yoga Pose. Raise the hands upwards and join the palm above the head and do “NAMASKAR”.
  • Without bending the elbows, sitting erect and close the eyes. Stay up to 20 counts breathing normally.
  • Bring down the hands through side wards and take rest. Practise 4 rounds.


Warrior Pose:

The warrior pose strengthens the hamstrings, thighs, legs and ankles as the body weight is transferred on the thighs with the forward bend. It helps to stimulate abdominal organs which can help increase the stamina. Stamina built up can help you to keep going over a longer period of time.

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