Erase Foot and Ankle Pain With These Exercises

By 7 November 2017

If you’re constantly suffering from achy feet, try this soothing DIY foot massage and ankle stretch.

Doing a feel-good foot and ankle routine yourself – can help you soothe the pain!

The benefits of foot massage go way beyond just feeling better. Many people believe our feet are like maps to our health and that by applying pressure to the feet, we can energize the rest of our body.

Below, you have six simple stretches and massages that will relieve pain, loosen stiffness, and revive your tired feet.

6 Exercises to Erase Foot and Ankle Pain

You’ll need:

  • 1 Yoga block
  • 1 Tennis ball

Keep these two simple tools at your desk or at home. At the end of the day, do this stretch and massage routine to give your tired feet a little TLC.

Work on each of these stretches for about 30 seconds per side. You may repeat all 6 of them a second time around to get the maximum benefits.

Ankle Flexion Stretch on Block

  1. Place the block flat on the ground.
  2. Step your toes and the ball of your foot onto the block with your heel on the ground.
  3. Lean your weight forward to put the pressure primarily on the ball of your foot to stretch your ankle and the bottom of your foot.

Tip: For a light stretch, place your other foot right next to the block. To increase the stretch, step into a forward lunge in front of the block, or put both feet on the block and take a forward fold position (this will help you feel it in your calves and hamstrings as well).

Ankle Extension Stretch on Block

  1. Stand about 4 feet in front of the block.
  2. Place the top of your foot down on the block so the top of your toes are supported.
  3. Bend your knee to put pressure on that foot to feel the stretch along the front of your ankle.
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