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Heart attacks are one of the major culprits of death in the United States. Medical professionals claim that they are primarily triggered by the today’s busy lifestyle, stress, and poor nutrition.

First of all, you should start leading a healthy lifestyle and following a healthy and balanced diet rich in raw, organic fruits and vegetables. Also, you should try to reduce your stress levels by doing certain activities, like walking in the countryside, reading a lovely book, practicing yoga and meditation, etc.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss about the symptoms of this common health issue and how to recognize them.


General Body Weakness

If there is arterial narrowing in the body, it can contribute to reduced blood flow and circulation. In addition, it can also result in weakened muscles and general body weakness. As it is one of the early warning signs of heart attack, consult your doctor in case you experience it.

Pressure and Pain in the Chest

Chest pain or pressure is definitely one of the main indicators of heart attack. Specifically, heart attack survivors describe this sign as a feeling of chest pressure, pain or discomfort that gradually increases. They also explain that the pain could be also felt in other body parts, including the arms, back, and shoulders. If you experience this sign, heart attack is about to occur in the near future.

Dizziness and Cold Sweats

By having poor blood flow, you will not have sufficient blood supply to the brain. Plus, your body can also feel unwell and clammy. Moreover, your brain will start functioning inadequately.

Furthermore, it can result in experiencing dizziness and cold sweats, which are another indicators of heart attack.

Symptoms of a Common Cold or Flu

A great number of people who have experienced heart attack reveal that they have had symptoms of a common cold or flu before the heart attack. Hence, don’t ignore this symptom in order to save your life.

Constant Fatigue

Poor blood flow to the heart could lead to chronic fatigue. In other words, the narrowing of the arteries can contribute to less blood flow to the heart. What’s more, the heart will actually start operating much harder than usual, thus causing extreme fatigue.

Breath Shortness

You can experience breath shortness in case you have arterial narrowing. There is poor blood flow in the body and the lungs cannot receive the needed blood flow to function adequately. Considering the fact that heart and lungs always function together, in case one of them works improperly, then it will negatively affect the other. So, you will experience breath shortness.


Source: dailyhealthkeeper

  • Ponderosa says:

    Nice just stay away from meat and put vicks vapor rub on your chest.

  • Well its a great Article and so much informations well done

  • Julie says:

    I have had 2 Heart attacks, 2011 and 2012, one resulting in a quadruple bypass… I did not have these symptoms 30 days prior to MY heart attacks, I was eating well and was in the best physical shape and lowest healthy weight of my adult life….



    A GOOD DAY 🙂

  • Zaquisha says:

    Am having all those kind of signs and symptoms so what can i do coz the problem i have is i smoke too much and atrying to find away to quit.

  • Tony says:

    I realised I wasn’t addicted to the cigarettes but was addicted to buying them. I couldn’t cope if I nearly ran out. Try having a full packet in the cupboard not to be touched except in a dire situation. Have bags of sweets ( I used nuttalls mintos) and everytime you need a smoke have a sweet. After about 3 days with no fags you realise you have stopped and if you can do 3 days you can do more. After 2 weeks eating mintoes you realise they aren’t doing your teeth any good but you have stopped craving the fags as much so cut down the sweets. You have effectively stopped smoking. Try progressing from there and eventually after about a year you realise how stupid it is to suck on a burning fag!! You then forget about them completely. Best of luck as its not easy.

  • name says:

    You can quit and i hope you do cause it’s ready easy once you just stop smoking then you’ll have just quit forever. I know you can do it so i hope you know it too

  • pam says:

    Most of us want to rush things like get this sorted by last week.Quit smoking is one of those things that is a prolonged issue should I or should’nt I. If you’ve a mind to LOOK up the word —-

  • MACH says:

    My Mother died 3 days before her 52nd birthday, back in 1972. She smoked, and our family diet wast typical of the early ’70’s . I was 16 yrs old. Her tongue had turned “black” on Saturday or Sunday. She went to the Doctor on Tuesday, he ran several test, I do not know the details of the test results, but she was not hospitalized. Friday of the same week, She had a heart attack and died within a few hours.
    My father died 10 years later, from complications related to the removal of the top 1/4 of left lung due to cancer. ( He had started smoking at age 14.) The lung would not heal after the surgery, and he died 4 weeks after the surgery. He never left the ICU.

    Needless to say I never smoked, and tend to eat a diet heavy in raw fruits & vegetables, rarely eat anything fried. My protein comes primarily from grilled or baked Chicken or Fish, and I eat red meat once or twice a week. My mother, & my Father were heavy smokers, but I never smoked and have very few friends that smoke .

    I am now 63, never smoked, have a “drink” 2 or 3 times a month, and get some sort of exercise 4 out of 7 days a week.

    Both of my parents died before I turned 27. They did not come to my wedding, because they were dead, and never met their grandchild.

    If not for you sake, for your family or child sake please do not smoke, or if you do smoke, please QUIT! YOU are not the ONLY PERSON your smoking will affect.

  • So informative thanks a million , I will save people lives and also me.

  • nameLucky Mmekwane says:

    so informative!

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