8 Smart Ideas On How To Wash Your Hair Less Often

By 30 January 2018

Oily hair looks and smells awful and you need to wash it to make it look fresh and clean. Some people feel the need to wash their hair almost every day. However, experts explain that washing your hair too often is not good because the sebum secreted sebaceous glands nourishes the hair, but also moisturizes it and keeps the hair healthy and soft.

According to some experts, if you wash your hair too often, over time it will become greasy much faster. So, in order to avoid washing of your hair too often, follow these simple ideas:

1 .If you use products to nourish dry and damaged hair

it is important to pay attention on the amount of product you apply on your hair. Namely, if you apply too much of the conditioner, hair oil or the mask, your hair will become heavy and it might look dirty even the next day.

2 .Don’t brush your hair too often.

Namely, when you are brushing your hair, you actually stimulate the hair follicles and thus they produce more oil. Also, it is important to pay attention on the hair brush. So, instead of a paddle brush, our advice is to use a comb. Another tip is to avoid touching your scalp.

3. Don’t touch your hair too often.

On the same way as with brushing, by touching your hair, you stimulate the hair follicles to produce more natural oil.

4. If your hair looks and feels oily

Try to make an updo instead of washing it. On this way you will postpone the washing for at least one day. Another advice is to style your hair in an updo before it becomes oily and thus to preserve it. You should always keep in mind that the less styling products and tools you use, the longer it will look clean.

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