By 10 November 2016
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Yoga helps you to relax and exercise at the same time. You will learn to find inner peace and simultaneously find yourself strengthening and conditioning your muscles. You will learn to breathe properly and alleviate chronic pain, eye problems, and even headaches.

posture chart

We have compiled 7 poses  to help you to correct your posture and help you to keep your spine healthy.ds3w

1.Upward Facing Dog

From forward fold, move into your Chaturanga (high push-up to low push-up) with your exhale. As youdownload breathe in, press your palms and the tops of your feet flat onto the ground. Lift your chest and your stomach up and forward; squeeze the tips of your shoulder blades into the center of your back. Engage your quadricipes as they lift off the ground. Your mid and lower back will thank you for this one!


2. Boat Pose

Boat Pose is done by balancing your entire body on your buttocks so that you resemble a boat on water. This helps improve the flow of blood into the abdominals and the spine, which helps in the proper alignment and balance of the spine.

This pose burns up fat in the waist, strengthening the mid-part of your body and improving digestion and other health problems concerning the thyroid, kidney, prostate, and intestines.Details Steps

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