6 Effective Home Remedies for Sciatica That You Can Try

By 14 October 2017

First of all, you need to visit your doctor and find out the reason behind the pain. Diagnosis is very important because Sciatica can be caused by two reasons and one of them needs the surgery.Here we have a few simple but effective home remedies, which can help you to feel better


Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory, which can help relieve swelling and pain associated with sciatica and other types of lower back pain. A general dosage guideline for otherwise healthy adults is 300 mg of turmeric taken three times per day to help ease pain and inflammation

Potato Juice for Sciatica

Potato and celery leaves juice are said to be a very beneficial remedy from the pain, you can also add carrot and Drink at least 10 ounces of this mixture daily.

Get Up Slowly

When you wake up, do not jump out of the bed. Do it in a lazy fashion in phases and let your body to adjust. You should do the same after sitting for a long time.


Juice or tea of elderberries can relax your muscles effectively and relieve the severe pain.


It is a well known anti-oxidant which has antibacterial and other useful activities. Garlic improves blood circulation, warms up the body and gives you more energy. Grind two little cloves of garlic and put in half cup of milk and boil, drink this mixture twice a day. This is one of the most beneficial ways to soothe the ache.

Garlic Juice for Sciatica.

However, be careful while taking garlic as it may be harmful in a few cases. You should take the advice of your doctor if you take anticoagulants, or if you have ulcers.


Have a bath or take a warm shower then turn on the cold water shortly. This procedure relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and soothes deep pain.

Furthermore, to avoid sciatica take breaks while you are sitting or standing for a long time and also make sure that your posture is good. Spend at least thirty minutes in the fresh air daily. Be careful about your dietHealth Fitness Articles, and make sure it is well-balanced.

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