6 Clear Warning Signs Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins And Making You Fat

By 14 January 2018

1. Increased Belly Fat Or ‘Visceral Fat

When your liver turns lethargic, and the build-up of toxins slows down its metabolic activity, one of the signs to look for is a build-up of fat. Since your liver is responsible for the processing of fat, you can expect the storage of fats it can’t metabolize. Studies indicate that even non-obese patients suffering from fatty liver disease have higher abdominal fat and visceral fat .

2. Excess Sweating

When a liver is overworked and under too much pressure, it can cause it to generate excess heat within itself. Since the liver is such a large organ, this leads to the entire body overheating and producing what patients describe as ‘hot flashes’. The body will sweat more frequently in a bid to cool itself down and release excess toxins through the skin .

3. Chronic Fatigue

Whenever any organ starts displaying signs of dysfunction, the body compensates for this seeming ‘damage’ by pumping more blood to it, which often leads to unexplained energy loss, confusion, weakness, and trouble in concentrating  Researchers also hypothesize that fatty liver leads to changes in hormone production and brain chemistry, which contribute to the feeling of exhaustion.

4. Bad Breath 

A sluggish liver isn’t able to fully metabolize nutrients and process toxins, which leads to a build-up of impurities in the blood. This can lead to an increase of bacterial colonization in your mouth, which can produce a foul odor or bad breath.

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