5 Yoga poses for Computer Users | Fitness

By 26 June 2018

The Twist (Bhardwajasana)

Kneel on the floor and sit back, bringing both feet to the right of your hips. Straighten your right arm, bring it across your body and turn to the left. Place your hand, palm down under your left knee. Exhale, turn your body more to the left and clasp your right elbow with your left hand, from the back. Turn your head and gaze over your right shoulder. Fold position for a few breaths and then twist and look back over your left shoulder. Shoulders should be at right angles to the body. Come back to starting position and repeat on other side. You should do this posture once every hour if you have lower back pain.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

It is a simple to perform, this Asana stretches your whole body and you can practice Tadasana anytime when you feel lethargic or your body needs refreshment. This pose relaxes your mind and body and kicks out stiffness (You can perform this Asana in your office, for relaxing your whole body & mind also).

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