5 Quick Hair Style Tutorials For Party season

By 28 December 2016

 2 way arrangement

It is OK 2 way arrangement with a ponytail or cignillon. If you want to make a ponytail, please go to the last step until you reach Step 5, if you want to go to Sinyon.

Source: Hair.Cm
  • Set the ponytail and unravel the back of the head.
  •  Make a wave winding.
  •  6 Decorate the ribbon.
  •  Connect hair ends.
  •  Fixed inward by caught in pin.

Side pony

It’s just an easy arrangement, just to tie it up. Hair accessories shine well because it is simple.

Source: Hair.Cm

Connect to one at the left position.
Loose balance well, decorate hair accessories such as scarves and headband, and it is completed.

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