Receipe To Get Clear Eyes Naturally Without Surgery

By 10 January 2018

Potato Slices

Potato has a lot of beauty benefits on your skin and on your eyes. These potato slices not only help you to reduce the puffiness and tiredness around your eyes but also aid in eliminating the dark circles under the eyes. Potatoes are very high in water content that is also effective in removing the eye puffiness. In addition, these potatoes also have vitamin C and potassium, which help to keep the fluids in your body balanced. Therefore, this will help your skin and eyes look fresh and give you a beautiful and bright skin. Besides, the skin will absorb all the essential nutrients from the potatoes to give you bright and healthy eyes.


  • At first, cut a few potatoes into a circular shape.
  • Then, lie down on your bed or a chair and place these slices on the eyes.
  • Now, wait for about 10 minutes.
  • After that, remove them from the eyes.
  • Finally, wash your face and then moisturize it properly.
  • You should repeat this method regularly.
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